Preparing for Construction


Preparing for construction is a critical step in the timeline. Dust from demolition and installation is always a concern and we’ve listed some helpful hints to assist you during construction and after installing cabinets, easing the transition back to a fully functioning kitchen and home.

1. Mark the dates on calender/google calender for schedules

2. Make sure to seal off the kitchen including doorways, windows as so on. Cover the furniture and bookcase with painter tarps.

3. Create space for storage and work spaces

4. Design space for workers for restrooms and dinning

5. Make rules for workers, don't assume they know exactly what's in your mind

6. Make a list of all the restaurants you want to go in the area, also look up all the food delivery service for nice meals. Trust me you don't get to have this moments in adult life that often. 

7. If you have kids or pet, make sure you keep them in a designated area in the house for safety. 

8. Pack everything in the box

9. Make sure doorways and any other openings are sealed to adjoining rooms prior to demolition and construction.

10. Your final cleanup of your new kitchen. Congratulations - Yeah!!!